A selection of the gear we use at Invada


All our rooms are well isolated and acoustically treated and feature wooden floors and fresh air ventilation.

Live Room – 42 square metres, natural daylight

Drum Booth – 12 square metres adjoining Live Room via bifold doors

Control Room – 42 square metres, split-level. Great lines of sight to recording areas



Recording and Monitoring

DDA AMR24 36/24 console

RADAR 24 track hard disk recorder

Mac Pro Quad Core running Pro Tools 12, Logic 9, complete UAD-2 plugin suite

Lynx Aurora – 32 ins/outs

Soundcraft Saturn 824 24 track 2″ tape machine



Yamaha NS10m

Beyerdynamic DT150/100 headphones



Outboard – Preamps, Dynamics

Thermionic Culture – Phoenix Compressor, Early Bird/Pullet, Freebird, Culture Vulture, Rooster, Phoenix HG15 (can you tell we like Thermionic Culture!)

Hairball Audio – Lola x2

CAPI Audio – VP26 x 2

Gelnsound MX6

Overstayer – Stereo Voltage Control

Warm Audio – WA76 x 2

Foote Control Systems –  P3sME Stereo VCA Mastering Compressor

Summit Audio – TLA 100A.

Tubetech – PE 1B

Smart Research – C1 Compressor

Triton Audio – Fethead

Other units from Glensound, Symetrix, Drawmer, TLA, BSS, Focusrite, SPL etc



Outboard – Effects

Roland Chorus Echo – several, EMT 140 plate Reverb, Great British Spring,

Yamaha REV 1 and many others from Dynacord, Yamaha, Melos, Aria, Peavey etc.




AKG C414 B ULS x2

Neuman U67


Coles 4038 x 2

Neumann KM84i

Beesneez Lulu FET x 2

AEG ‘The Ball’ Valve Microphone

Audio Technica ATM25 x 2


AKGD112 x 2

Sennheiser MD441

Sennheiser MD409 x 2

Electrovoice RE20

Beyerdynamic M201 x 2

Beyerdynamic M88

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57 x 3

Shure SM58s

Golden Age Projects ST-1 Stereo Ribbon

and many others from

Shure, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Heil Pro, Sennheiser, Electrovoice etc.




Vox Continental, Fender Rhodes, German Upright Piano, Farfisa Compact.

Various Guitars, Basses, Keyboards and Synths and assorted Amps/Cabs from

Fender, Kay, Marshall, Laney, Farfisa, Leslie, etc

Get in touch if you’d like to see the full gear list.