Meet the team

We have a number of in-house and associated engineers with years of experience between them. We also welcome Freelancers, so if you’re an artist with an engineer lined up to record you, or you’re an engineer looking for a somewhere to record a band, then the studio can be hired on a room plus assistant basis.


Stu Matthews

Stu has been running the studio and engineering for 15 years. During this time heʼs recorded most of the bands on the Invada roster and also worked on albums by Portishead and The Horrors. In his spare time he makes beats as one third of Quakers.


James Trevascus

James has been engineering since 2011, training as an intern at The Panda Studios in California and eventually making his way here in 2015. He has worked on a wide range of genres at various studios and also provides a mastering service here at Invada. The youngest member of the team by a long shot.


Rik Dowding

Rik has 25 years experience in both studio engineering and live sound. Heʼs currently mixing front of house for The XX and Portishead but when heʼs in town he works sessions for us and also has his own mastering service, Sonic Mastering.


John Pickford

John has been engineering and producing recordings for over 25 years, working with many of the South Westʼs finest musicians and artists including Portishead. An unashamed classic gear junkie and valve aficionado, John reviews studio hardware for Music Tech magazine as well as writing recording tutorials and features.