Booking a session

If you’re thinking about booking a session at Invada then most of the information you need can be found below. There are also a few notes on general studio etiquette. Please use the contact form to ask about rates and availability.

We charge by the day. A day being a 9 hour session which typically runs from 10am-7pm. We can adjust start and end times if necessary. If you only require a short session then please ask about our hourly rate.

If you wish to work longer than your agreed booking you will need to pay the engineer directly for the additional hours. You will not be charged for extra studio hire.

Sessions start at the agreed time. The engineer/assistant will be here before the start time to get the studio, and themselves, ready. If you do arrive early, go and grab a coffee or go for a walk. Also, please don’t ask to load in early/the night before unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

Please allow time in your session for the following:

  • packing down and loading out.
  • Transferring files/backing up
  • printing rough mixes
  • bouncing stems and alternative mixes

If you haven’t allowed enough time during your session for these you will be charged for the extra time required.

Allow time for breaks. Recording and mixing can be pretty intense – and although we love doing what we do we will need a break from time to time and so will you.

We will run backups during your session and will store your files for a short time afterwards. It is the your responsibility to archive your files correctly. Please don’t assume we will still have copies a few years down the line.

We’re happy for you to film your session for “content” but please let us know in advance. Likewise if you’re planning to invite loads of friends to the studio. We would advise against having too many unnecessary visitors as it can quickly eat into your session time.

Finally, please be considerate of us and the studio. Don’t play your instrument while the engineer is positioning a mic in front of it – you’re hiring our ears remember – don’t throw your headphones on the floor and try to keep the mess to a minimum – if you can’t see a bin to put your rubbish in then ask. Cheers!